Refork Dessert or coffee spoon (2000p) gb

€ 147,28
Artikelnummer: KREFN

Refork dessert or coffee spoon

25 spoons/bagg

min. quantity is a 2000 spoons (80 packages x 25 spoons) 

YOUR Natural choice when Eating Out

Durable cutlery

Made from the remains of Wood Flour 60% (sawdust that has been filtered and stripped of all impurities) and Natural polymers (biodegradable), Non toxic, and  naturally produced (injection molding technology) with the addition of renewable and occurring mineral additives

° Heat resistant up to 100°

° Lots of user comfort



°No plastics or micro-residues

°Fully Compostable

°Natural color of the cutlery

°European produced

°Free from splinters

°Washable by hand

Ideal for take-away, parties, private parties and catering activities Natural Color

Price includes 21% VAT

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